The Manufactory





Doreen Thierfelder based her label on a traditional place for textile industry, which disappeared with the Fall of the Wall end of the 1980s. She decided to build up her own manufactory to produce the collection by herself. 100% German Garment.

You want to know where your clothings are produced? 
Thierfelder consciously give up long routes of transport and intransparent production conditions. Thierfelder produces in Chemnitz, in her own manufactory.
The shirts and blouses are made of fabrics from Europe, 100% cotton or silk qualities.

There is one key advantage to produce in the own company: the sophisticated details in the design can be testet very fast and running modifications are realizable all the time. With this renouncement of automatic productions in extern companies, there are no borders of ideas. You can see in that collection of Thierfelder.

That demand on fashion is wearable for Thiefelder.