The Studio






Doreen Thierfelder is the designer and company's founder of the brand Thierfelder. Back from Paris and inspired of metropolitan feeling, fashion and  multifaceted mentalities she found the brand in 2006. Beside the shirt collections for men, blouses and accessories were developed during the last years. „Every collection starts from a vision, by sensing stories, trends and wishes.“ The fashion of Thierfelder is not only captured with keywords like qualitiy, timelessness and sustainability, but represents characters.
Thierfelder plays with typical terms like feminity, elegance, sensuality for women or strenght, strictness and power for men. Those will be rearranged, blouses become classic business shirts or because of uniform elements they get the typical men's strength. Men's shirts are decorated with smart details like pipings or pleats. In combinition with a clear use of shape and a good taste of color a man remains a man and a woman a woman.

Not only the outside, but also the inner beauty of a clothing is an important part of the design for Thierfelder. It is shown in the application of satin ribbons, for instance, which cover the seams and will be a true eyecatcher.

Get inspired and find your favourite item in the collection of Thierfelder.